Authorized Manufacturer's Dealer & Warranty Information

Pine Lake Parts is not an Authorized Dealer for any Manufacturer or Brand.  The products we offer are obtained legally through buying Authorized Dealers' Inventory when they terminate their agreement with the Manufacturer or are liquidating their outdated stock to us.


Most of our inventory is not covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty due to the item's date of manufacture being older than specified in the Manufacturer's Warranty or due to the exclusion of the item not being purchased through one of their Authorized Dealers.

All warranties stated in our product listings/ads are given through Pine Lake Parts and may not be returned to the manufacturer.  All returns and warranty claims must go to Pine Lake Parts.


Not all items we sell include the original packaging.  Some items sold to Authorized Dealers never had retail packaging.  Bulk packaged items will not include original packaging.  Bulk packaged items are sold to Authorized Dealers who then opens the packaging and sells them to their customers individually, which is a typical industry practice, and is the same way we sell to our customers.

Some packaging has broken down due to age or removal by the previous owner but never used.  Some are removed by us when they are badly stained, have damage or have grease or other dirt on them.